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“Promoting positive reinforcement and true change in our community through the purest form of communication there is.”

Angela Foxworth currently resides in Dallas, GA with her husband and two children. She has always had the desire to use her love of journalism and people to become a multifaceted global talk show host. Passionate about the world of travel, the success of her place in the travel business allowed her the opportunity to present and build which led her to radio. With the support of family, friends and business partners she has grown to brand herself as an international new talk show host which initiated as radio and has now grown into  You video. With a network that has over 70M viewers and growing, she is positioning herself to use this platform with a purpose of changing lives. Whether it is through motivation, education or inspiration Angela Foxworth is on a mission to make a positive difference. In her spare time she loves to travel, sing and dance. She believes coming together and finding common ground is the only way to prosper. Her love to see people win will forever be her purpose. Angela describes herself as bubbly, a colorful personality, fun, loving, open mind, outgoing, peaceful and sweet . A true people person!

Angela Foxworth (AKA) The Real A. Fox

Talk Show Host

CEO, Owner Of "The Angela Foxworth Show"